Glu’s Frontline Commando Goes Live In Time For The Galaxy Nexus Launch

Today was a big launch day for the world of Android, we got the highly coveted Galaxy Nexus, the uber chic white Droid Razr and Glu’s over the top third person military shooter Frontline Commando.

Glu started teasing us a couple of weeks ago with the trailer for this addicting game with killer graphics. Enemies come at you from every direction insuring that you’ll need to maximize your fighting abilities and fight for survival.

You’re equipped in Frontline Commando with top of the line infantry gear. Throughout the game you’ll have access to assault rifles, shotguns, rocket launchers, med kits armor and more.

With the onslaught of super speedy Android processors and dual core chips Frontline Commando gives you console quality game play in the palm of your hand or your tablet.

What are you waiting for stop reading and download it now, in the Android Market!