Glu Mobile And Sprint Launch Glu Mobile ID Packs

One of the biggest names in gaming, Glu Mobile, has teamed up with Sprint to launch a Sprint ID pack focused around their games. Glu Mobile has released such hits as Super KO Boxing, Guitar Hero, Contract Killer, Toy Shop Adventures and many more titles to the Android platform. Their most recent game, Frontline Commando is a fixture on my Toshiba Thrive.

We were thrilled to hear that the latest Sprint ID packs to be released is coming from such a great game publisher. Sprint ID packs make it easy for new users with Sprint ID Pack equipped phones to change themes, wall papers, and apps to a specific theme. One of the best Sprint ID Packs we’ve seen is their Nascar ID Pack featured here.

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Glu and Sprint have released three ID packs so far and we could see more in the future. The first three ID Packs are:

·         Guitar Hero & More: Download this ID pack and prepare to rock out to Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock. As an intermission, check out the 10 additional Glu games available in this ID pack.

·         Deer Hunter & More: This ID pack is a bulls-eye for shooting fanatics with Deer Hunter Challenge, Deer Hunter 3D and Deer Hunter African Safari. Waiting to reload? This ID pack includes a dozen more Glu games to test your skills.

·         Free Glu Games: Thirteen Glu games at your fingertips for the best price: FREE! This ID pack features top franchises like Guitar Hero and Deer Hunter.

“Glu is excited to partner with Sprint to provide our audiences with a convenient and accessible way to play their favorite Glu games, while also discovering more of our diverse offerings,” said Mike DeLaet, vice president of sales and marketing at Glu.

Sprint ID Packs are available on Sprint ID and Boost Mobile ID equipped phones. Some of the devices on Sprint’s network with Sprint ID include: The LG Optimus S, Kyocera/Sanyo Zio, Samsung Transform, Motorola Photon 4G, Samsung Galaxy S II, LG Marquee, Samsung Galaxy Tab and more.

Check out Glu Mobile’s new ID Packs and all of the available Sprint ID packs here