Gingerbread Now On 50% Of Android Devices

The offifical Android developer’s blog at Google keeps track of the versions of Android that actually touch the Android Market on a 14 day basis.¬† The most recent report found here shows that Android 2.3x is finally at 50%.

Android 2.2 “Froyo” was the leading version of Android just last month. An onslaught of new devices that have come with Android 2.3x onboard as well as upgrades to devices that were released with earlier versions of Android are the reason for this uptick.

Android 2.3x accounted for 50.6% of the Android devices that have accessed the Android Market in the last 14 days. Froyo is still kicking with 35.3%. Although it has increased from previous reports, Android 3.x Honeycomb still only accounts for 2.4% of Android devices that have accessed the market.

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This information is reported on the Android developer’s blog so that developers know what versions of Android they should focus their app development on.

While Android is activating over 550,000 devices per day it’s clear that i seems to be taking a longer time than expected for those new devices to either sell through to users or for the users to start harnessing the power of their Android device.

The Amazon Kindle Fire, which is running on a tweaked version of Android, has dethroned Apple’s iPad as the best selling tablet at however the sales of Kindle Fire’s won’t ever matter in this report because they don’t access the Android Market. Owners of Kindle Fire’s are forced to use Amazon’s services, including their Amazon Android app store.

source: Android Developer’s Blog