Getjar’s Free Paid Apps For Week Of December 5th

There are some great ways to get paid premium Android apps for free without having to rely on torrents and pirate sites. Amazon and Getjar both offer alternative Android app stores and both offer free apps each day that would otherwise cost money. Our good friends at Getjar usually give us the list of free apps for the week ahead of time so you can make sure you don’t miss the best free apps available.

Getjar’s free paid for apps for next week are: 

Monday: Days Left Widget Pro, by, normally $.99

Tuesday: Tattoo Tycoon, by Handygames, normally $1.49

Wednesday: Guerrilla Bob, by Angry Mob Games, normally $2.99

Thursday: Galataxi, by Measured Software, normally $1.49

To take advantage of these free apps go to on your Android phone and download the getjar app.  Once installed click the gold star within the app and it will take you to that days free app and the previous free apps. Getjar leaves the free app free for a while after the daily promotion.

Friday: Smart Office, by Picsel, normally $9.99