Geeky News: Peter Jackson’s Posts Another Hobbit Production Video

As most of us know, infamous director Peter Jackson has been working on the Hobbit for over a year now nad we are still a year away. For those of you who just aren’t in the know, or think the Lord of The Rings started it all for J.R.R. Tolkien, you’re incorrect.

The Hobbit was the first book by Tolkien to rise to popularity. In fact Tolkien himself said he never imagined that he would see as much success as he had for his work.  Tolkien actually passed away in 1973 before any of major box office success.

Peter Jackson was signed on as the executive producer for a two part movie version of the Hobbit. The first is due in December 2012 and the follow up should be here in time for Christmas of 2013.

Jackson’s has posted five production videos this is the most recent.

source: Geekdad

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