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Facebook Promises To Finally Update Android App To New UI

Facebook for Android

UPDATE: The new Facebook for Android update is live, review will be coming soon.

Saying that the Facebook app has sucked for a while now would be an understatement. Facebook for Android has been notoriously famous for being a pretty terrible app, almost never delivering notifications on time, and offering a UI that is sub-par compared to other operation system’s applications. However, Facebook has promised to finally update their application to sport the new UI and we are currently waiting on the update. The Facebook Blog uploaded a post that stated all of the improvements, along with a “launching today” close on the post.

The first thing this update will improve on is faster photos. Facebook is claiming photos are 2X faster than previous versions, and now it’s easier to tag and do other nifty things in the app. Secondly, and most importantly, Facebook will update the app to sport the new UI that the iOS and mobile web versions have had for over a month. This means the menu that is above at the main menu will be consistent throughout the rest of the app, offering things like notifications and messages from any place in the app. The new side menu launching from the left will also be on board, and it will pull things nicely together as a new UI for Android users. There is supposed to be notification improvements and various bug fixes as well, and honestly, I’ll have to see it to believe it. There have been many occasions where Facebook launches an unstable update to their Android app, and hopefully this is not a trend they continue to follow. We will keep you updated, and once the update is available, post a review on the new and improved Facebook for Android.

SOURCE: The Facebook Blog

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