Dumb Thieve Alert: Gang Steals 5,000 Blackberry Playbooks

Police in Indiana said Saturday morning that they suspect a gang of 4 or 5 is responsible for an ill gotten truck hijacking at a Pilot Travel Center.

Based on reports from the Chesterfield, Indiana police it appears that the thieves who stole an entire semi carrying 5,000 Blackberry Playbooks had planned out their heist in advance. The driver of the truck had been away from the cab and trailer for about an hour while he had gone into the travel center to eat and take a shower. When he came back the cab and trailer were gone.

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What makes police think this was planned out was the fact that the cab for the trailer was found a half mile down the road, suggesting that the thieves had another cab waiting.

Of course the thieves didn’t do enough research to see that RIM can’t even give Blackberry Playbook tablets away. In fact some retailers have them between $200 and $300 brand new (and not stolen) this holiday shopping season.

As SlashGear’s Chris Davies suggests, $2 million dollars worth of stolen Playbooks is nothing on the reported $485 million dollar loss RIM saw on the Playbook last quarter.¬† We joked amongst ourselves earlier in the day that we could envision Mike Laziridis and Jim Balsillie could be in a hotel room somewhere activating 5,000 Playbooks, but alas the tablets are now the thieves problem.

source: Reuters

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