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DJ’s, UberHype Brings The Hype Machine To Android Phones

If you’re a dj, and I mean a real DJ with residencies, tours, remix projects etc than I’m sure you know about the value of the Hype Machine at Don’t get me wrong soundcloud and other sharing sites are great but when you’re looking for that one thing for your set, that one thing that had you going to Upstairs in Brooklyn or 12″ Dance Records in DC, chances are you’re finding it on Hype Machine.

Well there’s great news coming out of Boston Massachusetts as the fine development team at Dirty Water Labs has unleashed UberHype to the Android Market.

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Dirty Water’s lead developer Gaurav Mehta told it was so important to him and his friends to have access to the hypem site on their Android phones, that they originally did a hack job.

“The first prototype that we had built was scrapping Hype Machine website & then scrapping the actual mp3 links from the destination music blogs. It was a completely hacked up but effective alpha version which we demoed to Hype Machine and they agreed to release their private APIs to us :).”

Of course Hype Machine is a great way to find new undiscovered artists, remixes, mash ups, obscure music and much much more. Uberhype makes it easy to search the Hype Machine with your Android phone with these features:

  1.  Music discovery and streaming
  2. Popular Tracks – The most popular artists, searches and blogs on the internet right now.
  3. Latest Tracks – What’s going on right now in the blogosphere
  4. Twitter Tracks – Interactive music chart of songs being posted on Twitter.
  5. Browse tracks published by Blogs e.g. Music Savage
  6. Browse tracks by Artist e.g. Kings of Leon
  7. Media Player Control + Background mode
  8. Continuous Playback mode
  9. Read original Blog Post
  10. Keyword Search – By Artist / Song / Blog
  11. Create user account on The Hype Machine for Personalization
  12. Browse tracks Favorited by friends on Hype Machine
  13. Ability to Favorite tracks and listen to them anytime.
  14. Share full tracks on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Email etc.
  15. Subscribe or Follow an “Artist”. New tracks by this artist will be automatically be added to “My Subscriptions”
  16. Subscribe or Follow a “Blog”. New tracks released on this blog will be automatically be added to “My Subscriptions”
  17. Enabled Caching Mechanism for faster load times and great performance
  18. Ability to move application to SD Card
Ready to put one of the best music sites in the world on your Android phone? Check it out at this market link.

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