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Custom Google Music App Coming To All Devices From Cyanogen Team

When it was announced back in August that Cyanogen Mod’s name sake and founder Steve Kondik was going to work for Samsung many thought the Cyanogen team may slow down. That was definitely not the case. The Cyanogen Mod team and all of it’s offspring have been working vigorously on great things. CM7 is on more devices, CM9 is a work in progress, ICS is coming to all kinds of devices and now…

The Cyanogen Mod team is working on a a modified version of the Google Music app for all devices. According to this report by our good buddy Chris Chavez over at Phandroid, Andrew Neal has broken it down and made a variant of Google Music that works with all devices. Not only that but this version of Google Music has some cool new features.

Neal has added the ability to set custom “shake actions”. You’ll be able to shake your phone, even while it’s hibernating, and have it access Google Music.

This new version of Google Music will become standard in CM9 and also available to download via the Android Market.

source: Phandroid

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