Could The End Of Mozilla’s Google Contract Mean The End Of Firefox?

Lately, to the end user, Firefox has looked great. They’ve rapidly sped up the development of both Firefox for pcs and Firefox for mobile. It seems like every month (if not more) we’re reporting on some new features and enhancements to Firefox for Android.

That may all soon change as a search contract with Google expired last month.  According to ZDNet the contract was over 85% of Mozilla’s (Firefox parent) funding. Ed Bott reports in this article that in 2010 84% of Mozilla’s $123 million in revenue came from that search partnership with Google. That accounted for $100 million dollars.

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For a company like Mozilla that’s just about all the operating revenue.

When Google and Mozilla negotiated their most recent contract in 2008 Google’s Chrome browser was just starting to take off.  The most recent numbers in terms of browser market share, show Firefox falling from 25%-22% and Chrome rising from just 5% to 18%, mostly all at the expense of Firefox.

Bott pinged Mozilla yesterday who said they had nothing to share

source: ZDnet