Hanukkah Wish List App Hits The Android Market

The fine folks at Iconosys Inc, the creators of the widely popular Trick or Trackr, Christmas Tree Lot Finder and All I Want From Santa app have released the Hanukkah Wish List App.

The Hanukkah wish list app gives Jewish children across the world access to a wish listing app where they can create and share their Hanukkah wish lists with their parents, friends and families.

In addition to creating wish lists the Hanukkah wish list app gives children a thank you note writing tool that was also introduced with Iconosys’ All I Want From Santa app teaching children the importance of saying thank you during gift giving seasons.

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Iconosys founder and CEO Wayne Irving said:

We are very excited about the roll out of this new Hanukkah app, just in time for the holiday.  I talk to a great many parents and children of the Jewish faith, and their recurring message to me is that we would love a Hanukkah specific app that does for them what All I Want From Santa™ makes possible for people celebrating Christmas.”  Irving continued, “We now have in a place a companion Hanukkah app that we think is sure to be a hit with our Jewish friends throughout the world.  It is about time that people had a handy organizer like this at their fingertips, so that they don’t have to worry about forgetting anything, and so that children learn the value of thanking their parents and other gift givers who work so hard to make their dreams come true at this special time of the year.”

Hanukkah this year starts Tuesday night December 20th and runs through sunset Wednesday December 28th.

To download the Hanukkah Wish List app click this market link