Chanukah Song Upgraded For 2011

It’s almost time to spin a driedel
Put on your yamakah its time for chanukah
It’s so much funakah to celebrate chanukah
Chanukah is The Festival of Lights
Instead of 1 day of presents we get 8 crazy nights

So if you feel like the only geek in town
without a Christmas tree
Here’s a cooler list of people who are jewish
Just like you and me


Michael Dell, Spins His Dreidel In Google Hangouts,
HP Hired A Fine Jewish Woman, to turn their company back around

Guess who’s still suing each other and can’t share their Chanukah toys
Larry Ellison From Oracle
and All 3 Google Boys,

If I get in any trouble, for publishing this, Jewish Celebration
Mitch Kapor is Jewish, he founded, the Electronic Freedom Foundation

We’ve Got Ron Sommer, He’s the CEO of Deutsche Telekom
But AT&T’s CEO Ralph De La Vega’s Not Jewish
And  he swears his spectrum crunch is real

Put on that yamaka
Its time for Chanukah
No one at Huawei, ZTE
Or Yamaha
Celebrate Chanukah

Steve Jobs mother was Jewish, May He Rest In Peace
The President of Steve Jobs Fan Club is Jewish, Kara Swisher,  From All Things D

Dan Hesse  at Sprint isn’t Jewish, But Ivan Seidenberg From Verizon  is All Jew
And For the freaking last time stop asking,because  Verizon Doesn’t Use Carrier IQ

Guess who got Bar Mitzvahed, Then sold bagels on his bike
Andrew Mason the CEO of Groupon, a service Jewish people really like

So Many Jews write in the Tech Biz
Topolsky, Ina Fried & Walt Mossberg are proudly Jewish, Arianna Huffington Thinks She is

Skype Josh Silverman,and Yelp Jeremy Stoppleman,
It’s Time to celebrate Chanukah

Its not pronounced CH-anukah the c is silent in Chanukah
So wear your Android Swagonica

Get Drunk in the Valley of Sillicononica
If you really really wantaca

Have a Happy Happy Chanukah
-By Some Guy Named Sandler (no the other one)


For last years version click here

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