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Asian And Hispanic Americans Dominate US Tablet Early Adopters

E-marketer has revealed some interesting data about early adopters of tablets in the United States.  According to information released earlier this month both Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans trump non hispanic caucasian’s and African Americans in early tablet penetration.

E-marketer’s estimates show that 14.4% of Asian Americans have used tablets monthly this year. That’s followed by 12/6% of Hispanic Americans and just 10% of blacks and whites.  As the table shows the field will narrow as the years go on but won’t even out until 2014.

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A study by the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at Florida State University was on par with the research released by e-marketer. In their study they found that Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans have the highest penetration of both e-readers and tablets. In their study Asian American’s had 15% e-reader penetration while Spanish speaking Hispanic Americans had a penetration of 14%. English speaking Hispanic Americans held onto 20% of the e-reader penetration rate.

When it came to tablets Asian Americans and Hispanic Americans were both at 17%.  Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D, who led the study at Florida State said:

“US Hispanics and Asian-Americans are very eager to bridge the technological gap and they are proportionately more likely to adopt these devices than non-Hispanic whites,”

source: e-marketer

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