Android Dominates Top 10 Gadgets Searched On Google: Kindle Fire Number One

Google’s released it’s annual report on the top searched items on in 2011. While many may think that the iPad 2 or the iPhone 4s would top the list, the biggest searched gadget of 2011 was actually the Kindle Fire.

The iPhone 4S came in second place. This is a considerable feat considering the fact that it didn’t start getting searched until October.

The most surprising gadget on this list is actually running Android as well. The T-Mobile Sidekick 4G came in third place. A lot of people were searching for the follow up to T-Mobile’s mega franchise hit the sidekick. Although we’ve seen no official numbers for the Sidekick 4G it didn’t seem nearly as popular as the pre-smartphone era original.

The rest of the list is after the break
4. HP Touchpad
5. HTC Thunderbolt
6. HTC Inspire 4G
7. iPad 2
8. HTC Sensation
9. Palm Pre 3
10, TI Nspire CX

What’s the most peculiar is the fact that the only Samsung device that hit the top ten list was the Sidekick 4G. The Galaxy S, Galaxy S II and all variants of the Galaxy Tab didn’t show up.

source: Google via SAI

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