An Open Letter To The Big Daddy Bob Parsons

We’ve got a problem. As you know we have a long history together both with GoDaddy and also because through several incarnations of my dj career I’ve done several of your family events.

I started buying and hosting with GoDaddy in the beginning when domains and hosting cost a lot more. Heck our customer number is so low the IVR doesn’t recognize it when I call for technical support.

I’ve been ridiculed in the past for staying so loyal to godaddy but until SOPA I had no problems recommending GoDaddy.

I know you’ve changed your stance on SOPA but as thedroidguy with the largest independent Android twitter following in the world, one that supports open source, collaboration and internet freedoms, ideals that youve always stood by it looks like we’ve got to pack up and move.

You guys have always pushed the envelope. Even when faced with subpoenas I know from personal experience you’ve sided with your creative, open minded, supportive customer base until now.

Its hard to believe the company that walked a very thin line with your very creative over the top Superbowl ads and the company that at one time vigorously defended the rights of your site holders has come to this.

Unless something changes we will be moving on or before January 15th.

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