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Amazon Pushing Update To Kindle Fire Including Customizable Carousel

While the Amazon Kindle Fire is by far the best selling tablet that’s running any version of Android in the world, it still had it’s share of problems.

Two of the top issues of concern for new Kindle Fire owners is touch screen response, and fluid performance. To some the Kindle Fire seems “laggy” at times when going from app to app. On the thouch screen side, many users have reported slow response from Kindle Fire’s touch screen.

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While these were complaints from a somewhat small representation of Kindle Fire buyers, we are pretty sure there are millions of Kindle Fire’s waiting under people’s trees or for the right night to come out during Chanukah.

Amazon is being proactive in pushing out the update now.

In addition to the two pain points identified above, the new update, which is version 6.2.1, will also improve wifi security add the ability to remove content from your carousel.

To check and see if the update is available to you make sure you’re connected to wifi and then proceed to “Quick Settings” from there look for “sync” once you sync you should see the update and the Kindle Fire will guide you through the update process.

Once you take the update please feel free to post your opinions on it in comments below.

source: PC World

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