All Aboard: Android Train Pulling Out Of The Station In 2012

Whether the Apple Fans want to admit it or not 2011 has been the year of the Android, operating system that is.  The latest activation numbers have Android activating 550,000 units per day. That makes Android’s monthly activations the same as Apple’s quarterly activations. Can we say that again, there are the same amount of devices activated running Android in one month is the same amount that Apple activates in an entire quarter.

Over the course of 2011 we’ve seen report after report from reputable companies like Nielsen, Millennial Media, ComScore, NPD, Strategy Analytics and countless others echo the same thought, Android is on the rise.

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While we speculated for a bit that Android may have stalled it’s growth we were wrong.  Android recently reached another milestone with it’s 10 billionth Android app download.

Adrian Kinglsey-Hughes at ZDNet said:

“Microsoft might have sold hundreds of millions of Windows 7 licenses, and Apple might be managing to persuade tens of millions of people to buy iOS-powered devices every quarter, but the real winner when it comes to operating systems in 2011 has been Android,”

Kingsley Hughes went on to suggest that Android is the operating system for the masses. Which was the intention of Google in the first place. Google doesn’t charge manufacturers to use their open-source platform. Google makes money from Advertising. Sure they do well with iOS devices but now they’ve created a platform that could see one million activations per day this time next year.

While Android saw explosive growth in 2011, 2012 will be the year that the Android Operating System train pulls ahead, way ahead.

source: appolicious