Yelp Preinstalled On New T-Mobile Phones

Yelp mobile is now available for a select amount of T-Mobile smartphones.
As of November 2nd, Yelp, the local service, business, and decision making released a statement saying it will now be preloaded on the Exhibit 4G and the myTouch family.
In the second half of 2011, roughly 5 million monthly visitors, which were unique, use Yelp to influence their on the go decision. They want to find businesses nearby, and they want to find them relatively quick. Yelp helps with excellent business ratings and consistent updating. Andrea Rubin, Vice PResident of North American Marketing, makes some striking points as to why this shipment is important:
“As smartphones become more ubiquitous we’re finding that increasing numbers of consumers are turning to Yelp on their mobile devices to find amazing businesses nearby‚ĶThrough this relationship and the new features we’ve created for T-Mobile users, we hope to increase the ease of use and decrease the amount of time and taps that it takes for someone to find a great local business.”
You can check out Yelp at

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  1. Wow, Yelp is really popping up everywhere. First they play an integral part of Siri on the iPhone, and now this? Someone at Yelp is going to get a big fat raise this year.

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