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WIMM Releases WIMM One Module To Developers

When we were at CTIA back in October we had the chance to sit down with Ted from WIMM labs who told us all about the new WIMM One Module. While the module itself may look like a watch, we learned that this Android based device is well suited for any application where a small, yet powerful, Android brain is needed. Some examples included the back of a stethescope or say the arm of a wheel chair.

Sure the first thought is to use the WIMM One Module as a watch. In fact it comes with a band in the developer kit. However the possibilities are endless.

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Unlike the currently available Metawatch, the WIMM One Module gives the developer access to the entire display real estate. While that size is only 1 inch it’s a lot more than two LED lines.

WIMM Labs began offering the developer preview kit today via their website, here.  The developer preview kit includes a WIMM One Module, wrist band holder, and a charging kit with a paddle charger, USB cable and power adapter.

Developers are encouraged to use the WIMM SDKs and emulators to make micro-apps of their own that work on the WIMM One Module. The module in the kit does have some micro-apps already preloaded like a weather app, calendar app, clock, stop watch and alarm.

Take a look at our video preview below of the WIMM One Module:

source: WIMM Via 9to5google

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