Watch Me Crank That Fruity Loops (FL Studio) On My Android Device

One of the easiest to use, and most fun, music creation programs, FL Studio is coming to Android.

FL Studio, where the F and the L stand for Fruity loops, is a sequencer and music production program.  It’s one of the easiest to use and is used almost as much as the Akai MPC to make “beats” for hip hop and rap. In fact, FL Studio shot into mainstream popularity when it was quickly discovered that Soulja Boys first hit “Crank that” was produced entirely on Fruity Loops.

FL Studio made it’s way over to the iPhone and iPad in the Spring and they promised to bring it over to Android. Android has been void of any good quality music creation program to date. FL Studio actually changes that.

FL Studios has released a video showing FL Studio mobile working on a Samsung Android phone and a Motorola Xoom tablet.  As you can see the video looks like great and it also looks like FL Studio is just about ready to be released.  Engadget has no word on release date, and pricing but we’re hoping it’s soon.

source: Engadget