Video Hands On With The ZTE Warp On Boost Mobile

We’re checking out the new ZTE Warp on Boost Mobile. While it’s not a super phone like the Motorola Razr, or the Samsung Galaxy S II it is a solid prepaid Android device and it features Boost Mobile’s Mobile ID (Sprint ID).

The device itself is very lightweight at under 5 ounces. At has a 4.3″ screen which lets it hang with the big boys. The resolution is on the low side at 480×800 but it still looks pretty good. It features a 1ghz single core processor, 512 mb of RAM and Android 2.3 (Gingerbread).

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The ZTE Warp has only one camera a 5 megapixel camera on the rear with an LED flash. It also has digital zoom, geotagging and of course takes video.

It’s on Boost Mobile one of Sprint’s two major prepaid brands (the other being Virgin Mobile). It also features Boost Mobile’s Mobile ID service which is the same as Sprint ID.  With ID Packs users can download entire packages of wallpapers, themes, widgets and apps. In the case of this video it has the soccer Mobile ID pack installed.

The ZTE Warp went on sale at Boost Mobile November 2nd for just $249.99 and keep in mind that’s off contract and yours to keep. Boost Mobile also offers a program where when you pay your bill on time you can actually get your bill reduced over time (6 months).