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Unboxing And Quick Review Of The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is one of my favorite Android tablets released so far. One of the main reasons I like it is because Samsung was the first company to introduce a “real” Android tablet with the Samsung Galaxy Tab last September. The downside to the original Samsung Galaxy Tab is that it was running Froyo and not Honeycomb, which was the OS version designed for tablets.

Samsung still did a great job of getting the original Samsung Galaxy Tab out to market. It was the perfect size, as it fit in a coat pocket, back jeans pocket or a woman’s purse. The display, on the first one was great and the follow up is even better.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus retails for $400 for the 16gb version and $500 for the 32gb version. T-Mobile is also releasing a 4G version this weekend that will offer wireless connectivity.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 plus is blazing fast. It’s running Android 3.2 Honeycomb with a dual core Exynos processor.

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Remember when we tested out Samsung Galaxy S II’s the 1.2 ghz dual core Exonys versions ran more efficiently and thus faster than the 1.5ghz dual core Qualcomm SGSII’s.

The 7″ display comes in at 1024×600 pixels which makes it awesome to watch movies, programs and play games on.  It also has 1gb of RAM which makes it zippy as heck.  On the back side is a 3 mega pixel rear facing camera, on the front is a 2mp camera for video chatting over wifi.

For this model Samsung has teamed up with Peel which provides the ultimate in smart home remote controls. It even has an infrared sensor on one side to control your tvs, blue ray players and other IR devices.

Samsung has laid their TouchWiz UX on top which was specifically rebuilt for tablets. This is a great user interface for new users looking for efficiency. The widgets included in Touchwiz for honeycomb are out of this world. Also, Samsung’s MiniApps are a tablet first for Android and they work great.

Battery life is amazing. It’s got a 4000mah battery which is plenty good to keep the 7″ display going all day. We watched 5 hours worth of Boardwalk Empire on it and still had a good half day to go.

Samsung has included the Samsung apps store and Media hub so that you can get content directly from Samsung. Out of the OEM app stores Samsung’s is one of the nicest, apps are organized well and discovery and searchability are great.

Are there downsides? Of course there are downsides. For starters I hate the Samsung 30 pin proprietary connector. I learned about this the hard way, last year when I was using the original Samsung Galaxy Tab on Black Friday to keep myself entertained waiting in a shopping line. I had carefully remembered to pack an Amzer charger and the 30 pin cable but when the tablet died the charger wouldn’t work.

Same goes for all the Samsung Galaxy Tabs. They are now working with 3rd party accessory vendors but they have to have the right connector on the USB connection side (the side that plugs into the wall or receives the male side) or else it won’t work/charge etc.

The other issue is pricing. I’m not quite sure how many people will fork over $400 for a 7″ tablet when they can get some 10″ tablets for less than that. In the customers eyes bigger is better, even though this piece of hardware is way better than some of it’s 10 inch counterparts.

I suspect that after CES the price will come down but the OS will be on the old side and we haven’t received word on whether or not this particular model will upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich.  If you’re ready now though or know someone who is for the holidays the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus is definitely something worth moving to the top of  your list.

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