Toys R US And FuHu Team Up For Kid Friendly Android Tablet

Earlier this year we tested out a Vinci tablet, the Android tablet designed for kids. Well the tablet got laggy, then it factory data reset and we weren’t able to do anything because it had no file manager, no wifi, no bluetooth, no 3g and couldn’t be recognized as a mass storage device.  Although we understand why connectivity was so limited, it wasn’t thought through very well and thus a horrible experience for the child that was using it.

Now we’ve learned from our friends at Phandroid that Toys R Us has joined forces with FUHU for a kid friendly tablet called Nabi.

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The Nabi tablet is just $200 and packs in some serious heat for the kids. It’s a 7″ tablet with an 800×400 resolution, 533 mhz dual core Cortex-A9 processor 3D gaming and 1080p video. The best part is there is wifi access for downloading games and apps from the Nabi store.

Out of the box the Nabi tablet is ready for a kid, It comes with 30 creative apps, 30 e-book/interactive apps and over 22,000 standardized math problems.

This looks like a win win for kids. Tablets are a very popular item this year for adults and kids. V-Tech is offering a non Android tablet loaded down with the Vtech proprietary software, books and interactive games as well.

With wifi on the Nabi tablet you’ll be able to take advantage of the Nabi market and secondary Android app markets like Getjar and Amazon as well. At $200 it’s very affordable, and the outer design of the Nabi itself makes it kid friendly and a little on the tough side.

source: Phandroid

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