Texas Instruments Happy To Be Part Of The Kindle Fire

Allthingsd’s Arik Hesseldahl has been writing tear down stories for six years. While he doesn’t do the tear downs himself he has been reporting on them going back to the iPod Nano.

As he points out in this story, tear downs aren’t exactly on the top of a manufacturers list of favorite reviews. In most cases manufacturers don’t want consumers or competitors to know what’s in a device and how it’s arranged.

Well Hesseldahl wrote a story about iSuppli’s teardown of the Kindle Fire on Thursday and as any good journalist would he sought comment from the various vendors who make or supply the parts in the $203 Kindle Fire. According to Hesseldahl 100% of the time he gets a no comment.

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The no comment could be that things are just too secret, a supplier doesn’t want their vendors getting out or they have some kind of non-disclosure agreement. This time though was different. After finding out that TI supplied the chips in the Kindle Fire he reached out for comment and got this back:

“We can confirm that TI’s OMAP4430 processor and WiLink 6.0 connectivity combo solution are inside of the Kindle Fire. … TI is thrilled to be a part of the Amazon Kindle Fire, which boasts powerful performance and engaging consumer experiences that are sure to make it a coveted device this holiday season.”

Now of course it’s a nice PR finessed quote but nonetheless is shows how happy TI is to be part of the Kindle Fire.

TI has been on fire lately. Many of the newer Android phones, including the Samsung Galaxy Nexus have featured dual core Texas Instruments OMAP processors. At some point during the summer we stopped hearing so much about the Nvidia Tegra 2 processor and the talk shifted to TI and OMAP.

TI suffered some losses after the earthquake and Tsunami in Asia earlier this year, but now it looks like, at least their mobile processor division, is having a better year. Of course that makes them happy!

source: AllthingsD