Taptu V2.0 Released DJ The News On Ice Cream Sandwich Too

One of our favorite news aggregator apps is Taptu. We love Taptu because it has a funky little name and it allows you to DJ the news. Which actually makes us  think Taptu CEO Mitch Lazar was some kind of dj in another life.

Well Taptu  has announced version 2.0 of their popular social news reader app. This new version supports Android phones, Android tablets and the newest version of Android, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.  Taptu allows the user to turn any keyword into a contextual stream of news.

So what is this “DJ the news” thing all about?

Well Taptu allows users to mix the news anyway they want by matching different content feeds, news sources, blogs and RSS feeds into customized news stream just for them. With version 2.0 Taptu is letting the user drill down even further, by keyword. To keep with the DJ theme they are calling this a “mixtape”.

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“Taptu 2.0 is the most visually appealing and useful way to find and consume content on Android devices, especially tablets,” said Mitch Lazar, CEO of Taptu. “The new app marks the launch of Endless Mixtape search-based streams, a feature unique to Taptu born out of our search algorithms and heritage that allows users to customize their news and information experience more than any other app of its kind.”

How does this mixtape thing work? For example, Lady Gaga fans can go to the StreamStore (free of course) and use this new feature to create a “Lady Gaga” Endless Mixtape stream. The stream would glean all stories featuring or mentioning Lady Gaga from Taptu’s curated Music, Fashion and Celebrity streams as well as their immense collection of publications, blogs, RSS and social media feeds.

Taptu simply allows you to get personal with their news reader so that you read the things that matter to you. You can read them as broadly or refined as you’d like.

Version 2.0 features:
The full features include:
– Support for HD displays
– Support phones without menu key (Galaxy Nexus)
– Scrollable widgets and stack widget now also available on phones (Android 4.0)
– Ice Cream Sandwich UI, even on older phones
– Hardware Acceleration on phones (Android 4.0) – previously only available on Tablets
Try it out now here: