T-Mobile Retiring The My Touch 4G Slide Khaki Already?

T-Mobile just released the newest installments of the  MyTouch family. MyTouch is a name T-Mobile owns. It was the follow up to the G1 and the original MyTouch phones were made by HTC, the same company that manufactured the G1.

Our friends at Tmonews have acquired an internal spread sheet from T-Mobile that shows the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide on the End Of Life (EOL) list with directions to “sell through”.  Sell through means that T-Mobile store employees should sell the device in the “Khaki kit” until the stock is gone.

T-Mobile has been mum on the reason for the switch from HTC to LG for the latest MyTouch devices.  The MyTouch and MyTouch Q (with qwerty keyboard) were released earlier this week.

There are a few more Android devices on “sell through” status as well including the LG Optimus T, G-Slate, the Samsung Gravity Smart and the HTC Wildfire S.  The G-Slate was T-Mobile’s first Honeycomb tablet manufactured by LG but with T-Mobile branding.  The T-Mobile Springboard, a 7″ tablet, will be releasing soon. That tablet is manufactured by Huwaei for T-Mobile and also sports the Honeycomb Android OS.

source: Tmonews

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  1. The G-Slate really never got the attention it deserved anyway. I have one and I love it. I hate to say it, but it is probably for the better as LG absolutely doesn’t care about it anymore….they never really did! It is a shame that such a good device was overlooked by the community and the manufacturer.

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