T-Mobile Brings Out 5 New Android Devices

On Wednesday T-Mobile started selling five new Android devices. The T-Mobile Springboard tablet by Huawei was originally rumored to be part of this Android release fest but it has been pushed back.

The devices that did make it to magenta stores today are; The Samsung Exhibit II 4G, The LG Double Play, The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, The MyTouch and the MyTouch Q.

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The Samsung Exhibit II 4G is a midrange Android device that retails for $199 on a prepaid plan or just $29.99 (after mail in rebate card) on a 2 year postpaid plan. It’s a quick and easy to use 4G phone with middle of the road specs for any new Android user. Check out our video review here.

The LG Double Play is an Android device with an entirely new form factor. It features two screens, the larger top screen is the main screen and you can navigate on a smaller screen located in the middle of the split qwerty keyboard. The DoublePlay is the phone that will be used in the upcoming texting championships. This one will set you back $99.99 on a 2 year contract.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the same as the wifi version and the 4G/LTE version on Verizon except it runs on America’s Largest 4G Network (HSPA+).  This 10.1 inch beast of a tablet runs Honeycomb and has great battery life. It’s only $399.99 on a new two year agreement.

Finally, T-Mobile has switched manufacturers mid-stream in their MyTouch line. Since the beginning of the MyTouch series they were always ODM’d by HTC now they’ve switched over to LG.  The LG versions of the MyTouch and MyTouch Q are both $79.99 and the main difference is the qwerty keyboard on the MyTouch Q.

All 5 of these devices are available in corporate owned T-Mobile Stores along with Best Buy Mobile locations that stock T-Mobile.

source: Phonearena and T-Mobile