Sonos Upgrades App For Tablets Adds Slacker So You Can Listen To TDGN: VIDEO

If you’ve been wanting an in home media system, one that’s classy and compliments the home, without having to spend thousands of dollars on a media room and installation, Sonos is the answer.

Sonos offers a variety of speakers and connection solutions to pipe your music collection throughout your home. You can also use various internet, computer and other audio sources to fill your house with music and other audio content. The best part, you can control it with Android.

Earlier today Sonos announced a major update to their Android controller app. The app now supports Android tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Tab line, Kindle Fire, HTC Flyer and others. In our video we used the T-Mobile Springboard to control Sonos throughout the house.

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Sonos’ proprietary software allows you to control each speaker individually, in groups, or in rooms. Each Sonos speaker can play independently or together. As you can see in our video we listened to TDGN on Slacker Radio in one room while listening to iheartradio in the other room.

“Today’s feature update reaffirms our commitment to persistently innovate so that Sonos users have the ultimate music experience in every room of the home,” said John MacFarlane, founder and CEO, Sonos, Inc. “Endless music and effortless control are what will keep us as the gold standard for listening out loud in the home.”

In addition to internet sourced music you can also have Sonos stream your entire music library through the system and control what song plays, stop, fast forward, rewind, skip, etc.

With this new update Sonos also added Slacker as a music source. You can pick through any of Slacker’s professionally programmed stations including Thedroidguy’s own TDGN on Slacker Radio (  With a Slacker premium account you can skip songs, create your own lists and more and with Sonos and the Android based controller app you can change stations, skip songs and more with Slacker using the Sonos controller app.

In addition to Slacker Radio Sonos added a new service called Sonos labs where users can beta test music apps for Sonos before they are officially launched on the Sonos service.

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