Samsung Granted Access To Apple’s Carrier Documents By Australian Court

Last week we reported that Samsung was asking the judge in their Australian patent case against Apple, for access to the iPhone 4S source code and carrier agreements Apple has with Australia’s carriers.

An Australian judge has ruled in Samsung’s favor on the issue of carrier documents. Apple has never revealed to anyone outside of the carriers, their agreement with carriers in any country. In fact, US Cellular said a short time ago that they wouldn’t do business with Apple because of Apple’s tough carrier agreements. Now, Apple is being forced to disclose carrier details with Samsung for Vodafone, SingTel Optus, and Telestra in Australia.

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It’s been rumored that Apple charges very hefty up front fees to carriers and sometimes with ridiculous conditions. For instance it’s been widely reported that Sprint has agreed to purchase $20 billion dollars worth of iPhones, was this a condition just to get the device?

While Apple may probably never have to give up information on it’s US carrier deals to anyone, these Australian documents may shed some light to at least Samsung, as to what Apple does at the carrier level.

Apple’s lawyer Andrew Fox, called this a fishing expedition.

Samsung also requested the complete source code for the iPhone 4S. Apple turned over 220 pages of documents to Samsung that was supposed to have included the entire source code however Samsung contends that they left part out. On that issue the judge deferred to a Friday court date.

source: Mobileburn

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