Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming To Verizon Sometime Between 11/17 and 11/21

Conflicting reports came out of the interwebs on Sunday. Android Central broke a story with a graphic that showed the Verizon Wireless version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus would be in stores on November 17th.  November 17th is a Thursday which is Verizon’s most common day to release phones. As you can see from the graphic above (from Droid-Life) the Samsung Illusion and the Blackberry Curve 9370 will be released on the 17th.

The other report, is obviously from Droid-Life which shows a full “road map” style graphic from Verizon Wireless that clearly says the Samsung Galaxy Nexus will be available on Monday the 21st of November. Verizon isn’t known for their Monday launches however the HTC Rezound is hitting the shelves on a Monday, November 14th, which is an official date from Verizon Wireless.

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Mind you in all of this Samsung Galaxy Nexus madness Verizon Wireless hasn’t officially said anything about the release date, other than it would be later this year. So Verizon isn’t technically late until January 1, 2012 (although the phone will be out way before that).

This same kind of rapid fire rumor mongering has occurred a lot lately. The most noticeable was the 12312321 release dates for the HTC Thunderbolt. As the dates kept pouring out of the interwebs, rage started mounting against Verizon Wireless and HTC and they hadn’t really done anything wrong.  The next most notable case was over the Droid Bionic.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is going to be a great phone but it may not be the best for you. Remember if you’re on Verizon Wireless and ready for an upgrade you have an HTC Rezound and a Motorola Droid Razr to consider and we know when those are coming out.

source: Droid-Life