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Riot Police Needed To Calm A Phone Launch… Wow

The photo above, courtesy of, shows a mob of people waiting for a new smartphone launch.  In Indonesia the first 1,000 people to the launch would be able to get the highly sought after device for half price. When they ran out of the device 3,000 people waiting went absolutely crazy and riot police were called in.

This was a Blackberry launch on November 25, 2011


The Blackberry 9790 launched in Indonesia Friday to this absolute mayhem.

The Press Association reported:

“With a 50 per cent discount on the 540 US dollar (£349) smartphone for the first 1,000 buyers, queues started forming in front of the Pacific Place shopping centre on Thursday night. By daybreak, impatient shoppers started rattling the gates,”

Pocket-lint puts it in perspective saying that most iPhone launches overseas see around 800 people.

source: Pocket-Lint

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