Panasonic Debuts 2 New Tough Pad Honeycomb Android Tablets

Look what we have here. The folks at Panasonic, who have been producing tough tablets for mostly enterprise since 1996 have announced two new rugged and tough “Toughpads”.¬† The two new tablets are known as the Toughpad A 1 (10″ version) and the Toughpad B1.

The Toughpad A1 is the 10″ version and according to Panasonic it’s ideal for mobile outdoor workers. It’s running a 1.2ghz dual core Marvell processor. The capacitive touch screen is “stylus ready”, and comes in at 1024 x 768 pixels and 4:3 form-factor. The tablets a little heavy at 2.3 pounds however you’re trading that for the “tough factor” not only that but it’s said to come with either 4G LTE or WiMAX and a 10 hour, user replaceable battery to boot.

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The Toughpad A1 is supposed to debut first.

The Toughpad B1 is supposed to be a 7″ tough tablet rocking Android and many of the same specs but should come in price wise, a little less than the $1299 that Panasonic will be asking for the A1 when it is released.

source: Panasonic via Engadget

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  1. Pricey… would be great for construction. Must be about $500 less. I could use this for blueprints, material, notes, man hours, etc.. (electrician). Durability is great though.

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