Nvidia’s Own Q3 Results Call Discredits HTC Edge Rumor

Lat week the interwebs were on fire with a report coming out of the pocketnow.com camp about the upcoming HTC Edge. This device was rumored to be the first Android phone with an Nvidia Tegra 3 “Ka-El” processor.

Our good friend Russell Holly and I talked about this on our way to an event last week in New York and he brought up a great point, when has HTC ever had a phone with a Tegra chip? HTC was absent from the Tegra 2 party earlier in 2011, we heard it was a lag (LOL).

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Now, it’s surfaced from Nvidia’s own Q3 results earnings call with CEO Jen-Hsun Huang, that Nvidia is looking forward to being in phones from LG and Motorola. There is no mention at all of HTC.

Now of course the Nvidia lovers are going to say “well it’s a secret phone”. To which we reply, and we’ve heard mention of an LG or Motorola device with a Tegra 3? We haven’t until now.

The other thing that isn’t jiving when it comes to the HTC Edge rumor is that NVidia, on their own accord, is saying we could see Tegra 3 processors in phones by LG and Motorola as early as Q4 however we’re looking more like Q1 2012.¬† The HTC Edge was reported for Q2 2012.

As for Nvidia’s business, Q3 business was booming for Nvidia with a huge contribution coming from their PC graphics processor business, and not necessarily mobile

source: Bloomberg