Nook Color Drops To $199 Ahead Of Expected Nook Color 2 Launch

Barnes and Noble is expected to launch the follow up to the Nook Color next week in New York City. The replacement to the immensely popular Nook Color is expected to be called the Nook Color 2 and retail for $250.  This leaves room for the original Nook Color to drop down to $199.

At $199 you’re still getting a heck of a deal for probably the cheapest, but most well made Android tablet (e-reader) on the market.

But in the infamous words of the late Billy Mays… That’s not all

The newly priced original Nook Color is also receiving an update to Nook Color V1.4.  This update is bringing Hulu Plus, Rhapsody, MOG, and Grooveshark to the device so you won’t be short as far as TV and music go.  They’re also updating their e-magazine selection and of course more apps.

Barnes & Noble’s challenger to Amazon’s Kindle Fire will be announced next week and we’ll be there with all the magnificent details.

source: Androidcentral