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Monetizing With Millennial Media Insures Piracy Won’t Sink Your App

Everyone wants to make money with their app. It’s no secret that free apps are more likely to get downloaded than premium apps, especially on the Android platform. But for those developers who are stuck on the premium model, what do you do when your app ends up in one of those torrent files offering 1000 free Android games and apps.

Well after you wipe away the tears from all that hard work, you’re basically stuck. Especially if your premium app doesn’t include in-app purchases, micro transactions or advertising.

Although no one advocates piracy it’s a very real concern, especially in a geek heavy eco-system of folks used to “hacking”.

In app advertising using an SDK from a mobile ad platform like Millennial media means that at least while you’ve lost the initial premium download revenue your app is still making some kind of money. Not only that but it will make money off every download, authorized or not.

In this video, Matt Gillis of Millennial Media talks about one of the non traditional ways that monetizing your app with advertising can potentially help developers.

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