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Millennial Media Still Largest Independent Ad Network For Android

XYlogic released a report today detailing the mobile ad networks that are touching Android devices. While Google owned Admob, still takes the cake as the largest ad supplier to Android applications, Millennial Media is still on top as the largest independent mobile ad network found in Android apps.

Admob is a Google owned company. It was created in 2006 by Omar Hamoui who sold it to Google in 2009 for $750 million dollars. Naturally because Android is a Google product, developers have largely adopted AdMobs ads for their apps.

The study released by Xylogic clearly shows that developers are working up an app-etite for services outside the Google family.  In fact 34% of the top apps that use mobile advertising for monetization use a Millennial Media SDK. These apps represent  48% of all downloads in October among the top downloaded apps with mobile advertising.

Here are some of the top findings from xylogic

– 50% of the Top 1000 Downloaded Apps on Android in October have at least one mobile ad network or mobile ad exchange SDK

– 22% of the Top 1000 Downloaded Apps on Android in October have two or more mobile ad network SDKs which indicates that slightly less than half of all the top downloaded apps have at least a second, alternative service provider to choose from.

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In speaking with developers who use ads for monetization in their apps the general consensus has been that admob ads feel more like adsense ads, obtrusive text banners for just about any brand, or anything that can be purchased will find their way onto the admob network.

We still remember a great case when Rovio was using admob for text ads.  The ads would often block the position of the pig you were trying to kill. Not only that but more often than not you would see a text banner ad for a bird cage vendor or a wild bird store, obviously not the least bit relevant to the user experience.

Millennial Media and some of the other independent Ad networks have designed their ad inventory to flow better with the developers app. Also in cases where admob is  a one stop after thought before publishing an app Millennial Media is working closely with developers from idea to implementation.

source: Xylogic

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