Looxcie Launches Looxcie Live, Personal Video Streaming Service For Multiple Participants

The folks at Looxcie, who brought us the BlueTooth enabled, over the ear camera for Android, have launched a new app called Looxcie Live.  Looxcie live is a multiple person video chat application that allows you to video chat with one person or multiple people.

Looxcie live works on an invite model which lets the user invite friends from social media like Facebook, to participate in a group video chat.  If your friends miss your invitation there is a replay function so your friends can watch your video live.

Looxcie Live utilizes any of your Android devices cameras including the Looxcie camera. Using the Looxcie camera you can bring a whole new dimension to group video chatting. For instance do you have that class clown stuntman friend? Is he or she getting ready to do the ski jump in Oslo Norway, or get fired out of a cannon?  Well with their mounted Looxcie camera the group can watch this unbelievable feat live, and replay it for 24 hours.

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With Looxcie’s clipping feature you can share instant clips from your video chats using Looxcie moment whenever you want to.

Here are the details on the Looxcie Live app that goes live today:

App Details:

  • App Functions
    • Invite friends from your address book, Facebook, Twitter or via email
    • Create viewing groups when broadcasting; add or remove viewers dynamically during broadcasts

o   Group text and audio push-to-talk allows viewers to interact with the broadcaster

    • Push notifications alert viewers when a friend starts broadcasting, even when the app is inactive
    • Replay feature allows viewers to watch or re-watch broadcasts later if desired
    • Quick browsing allows you to see all your friends who are currently live in easy to view motion thumbnails
    • Video resolution and compression auto-adapts based on network capabilities – 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi


·         Additional Specs:

o   Available on Android 2.2 devices and higher

o   Coming soon for iOS 5.0+ devices

o   Instant clip creation and saving to device while broadcasting

o   Share instant clips via LooxcieMoments after live broadcast

o   Bluetooth tethering between Looxcie device and the mobile

o   Compatible with all Looxcie devices with firmware 1.2.1 or higher, Looxcie devices are user upgradeable

o   Battery life is 2+ hours when streaming

Instantly share your life with Looxcie Live!



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  1. Picked up one of these at Radio Shack for $59 closeout price. I don’t know that I’ll use the camera function much, but it’s a fairly good BT headset with very long battery life (although you’ll look dorky wearing it in public).

    Downside is yet another proprietary platform for streaming. Just make it another video source in Skype or QIK and be done with it.

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