Is Universal Music About To Drown The Grooveshark?

Is the bottom about to fall out for Groove Shark?

Grooveshark quickly became a favorite app for music lovers. Essentially you could stream any song your heart desired in good quality to your Android device. Google removed the app from the Android market howeverA, people are still using it today.

Well those great folks at Universal Music Group, one of the major label partners to Google Music, have sued Grooveshark to the tune of $150,000 per track. Currently there are nearly 2000 Universal songs on the Grooveshark service.¬† Did we mention that’s $15 billion dollars worth?

According to this report from NextWeb the complaint from Universal against Grooveshark even names Grooveshark CEO Sam Tarantino and other Grooveshark executives personally, as did suits against Napster and Sean Parker.

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We agree with many other sites, that this lawsuit may be too big for Grooveshark to handle. Parker and Napster spent years and millions of dollars getting Napster to a point where it was a legitimate music service, the problem with Grooveshark is there is nowhere for them to move. The entire music space is covered.

Google announced the full release of Google Music last week which has a cloud based storage locker component, music store and the ability to share tracks. Of course, except for buying songs, the service is free.¬† Other music services are struggling already to compete with Google Music already so there is nowhere for a “legitimate” Grooveshark to move.

The lawsuit, filed at the tail end of last week in Manhattan court, alleges that the three founders of Grooveshark uploaded thousands of pirated songs. Sam Tarantino allegedly pirated and uploaded 1791 songs. Paul Geller, Grooveshark’s Vice President of external affairs, allegedly pirated and uploaded 3,453 songs and Benjamin Westermann another VP at Grooveshark pirated and uploaded 4, 600 songs.

source: Cnet and TNW