Fiabee Cloud Based File Aggregation Updated For Android

2011 was the year for two things in the mobile industry and those are tablets and the cloud. It seems everyone is offering a cloud based service for every possible part of our computing lives.

Some companies specialize in photo clouds, while others like and dropbox cover file sharing. Google and other companies offer music clouds and there are even video cloud services.

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A European based company that is partaking on a U.S. expansion that goes by the name of Fiabee offers an aggregation system that keeps things simple across all your various cloud services, computers and devices.

Fiabee automatically aggregates all of your files across connected computers, smartphones, tablets and even other cloud based services like Flickr, Facebook, Picassa and even Google Docs. Within Fiabee you can tell it what files you need synced, and with you everywhere and what files can be accessed on an as needed basis in the cloud.

Fiabee has also added the ability to automatically sync photos from your Android equipped smartphone to the cloud. Yes Google+ has this feature but with Google Plus retrieving the same photo can be a bit tricky, with Fiabee it stays in it’s native form and can be downloaded and edited wherever you are and whatever device you want to use it on.

Other features of Fiabee include:

– Drag&Drop files to your Android directly from our HTML5 app (Chrome Web Store).
– Select which specific files you want to store locally and keep always synced for quick, offline access.
– Access, share and manage all your files on the go.
– Search across all your devices almost instantly, even when offline.
check it out in the Android Market here