HTC’s Thanksgiving Treat, Source Code, Source Code and More Source Code

When HTC started their HTC Dev site and put one of the best tech evangelists Bruce Jones on the team we knew they were getting serious about the developer community.

Within the past several months we’ve seen HTC stick to the words of Peter Chou who vowed to be more open with developers, release devices with unlocked bootloaders and source codes via their website. All of that has happened.

This week HTC has released the source code for some of their newest and most popular devices including the HTC Rezound, HTC Amaze 4G, HTC Explorer and HTC Desire S.¬† With the availability of the source code developers can create awesome themes, wallpapers and ROM’s galore. With the holidays coming up their should be some more time for those developers to get to work.

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source: HTC Dev