Holiday Gift Guide: The Jabra Supreme

I’m one of those people that can’t stand ear buds. I hate things going in my ear. Ever since I was a kid and had to have my ears checked, I’ve never liked them. Part of it may be from my 20 years in radio with over the ear Sony MDR 7506’s or any other variety of studio quality “cans”.

Since I can’t stand ear buds I’ve only used a few bluetooth devices. Until I found the Jabra Supreme I was actually using a “truckers” bluetooth which goes over the head and has a boom mic like a time life operator, but it worked and didn’t go in my ear.  The Jabra Supreme gives you all the benefits of the ultra small, ear bud style bluetooth headsets, outside of the ear.

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The Jabra Supreme features a fold out boom mic which makes picking up a conversation easy, loud and clear.  It also claims to be the first mono bluetooth headset with active noise cancellation. The clarity in the calls comes from this noise cancellation, Noise Blackout 3.0 and wind noise reduction.

The Supreme has four buttons on the headset itself. The first is the call answer/end button. Then there is a volume up and a volume down button, and finally a “voice command” button.  The headset pairs automatically with voice interaction and also responds to a slew of voice commands. Jabra also promises an Android app shortly which will add more voice interaction via the Supreme.

Talk time on the Jabra Supreme is 6 hours. Standby time is 15 days and it takes 2 hours for a full charge. The Supreme will set you back $99.

I love it for the exact reason others will hate it. It’s an over the air headset and doesn’t actually go in your ear. Because of this it may feel “flimsy” to some or like it’s falling off but it’s not.  The talk time and standby time are perfect for me and the voice interaction means that you’re looking at your phone less and the road more.

$99 may be a little much for a stocking stuffer but remember Bluetooth isn’t just about functionality it’s about safety too.

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