Holiday Gift Guide: Speck Products Case For Android

Speck is an innovative company that makes hybrid hard cover cases for computers, smartphones and tablets. We actually use Speck cases on all of our macbooks and other traveling equipment that they are available for because they combine the look, feel and durability of a hard case with the protection of a soft case.

Speck cases, when you touch them, have a hard outer shell but feel smooth, soft and silky to the touch. Their patented design protects your Android phone from falls, drops and the dangers that are in your pockets.

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Speck offers a variety of cases, pictured above are the “CandyShell” cases for the HTC Status, HTC Inspire and the HTC Incredible. They also offer a “fitted” case for the HTC Status.

Speck also offers a fitted case for the Samsung Vibrant, Galaxy S 4G and many other popular Samsung models.  .  They have the Motorola Atrix covered and new cases coming for the Atrix 2, Bionic, and Razr.

The Candy Shells have an MSRP of $34.95