Holiday Gift Guide: Aviiq Portable Charging Station

Statistics show that smartphone owners, and especially Android phone owners are typically inclined to be multiple device people as well.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that Android owners are toting around two Android phones (we do know some are though). What it does mean is that Android and smartphone owners are more likely to have a tablet, iPod, mp3 player or other portable electronic device.

That’s where the Aviiq Portable Charging Station comes in. The Aviiq portable charging station is for all intents and purposes a 3+1 USB hub designed for charging multiple devices. The Aviiq Portable Charging Station is even capable of charging tablets, which need more power than say a cell phone or iPod.

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So what’s the big deal about a hub. Well this thing is not just a hub it comes in a small portfolio bag designed to support up to 3 devices charging. It also has a retractable USB cord that connects to your computer for syncing. Then it all zips up for easy storage during traveling which is when you need it the most.

We’ve had one of these for the past few months and it’s enabled me to leave one of the 2 power strips I travel with at home. It’s also small enough to fit in my on-site gear bag.¬† You see when traveling to cover an event, especially a multi day event like CTIA I need to pack for the hotel room and the press room and with the Aviiq Portable Charging Station it’s a cinch!

The device will set you back $79 but the headaches, tangled cords, and down time from not having a fully charged device make the Aviiq Portable Charging Station priceless.

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