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Holiday Gift Guide: Android Shirts From Andy’s Threads

Andy’s Threads is a new Android apparel design company hailing from Texas.  The designs at Andy’s threads are graphic and eye catching. Their shirt designs remind us of shirts you’d find at Hot Topic.

Andy’s Threads is run by Daniel and Meagan Benavides. Some of you may know Daniel as Droid Messenger and Meagan as Meagan Monday. This husband and wife team set out to do something a little different celebrating everyone’s favorite Android mascot.

Although the Android team at Google has said that the name of the green robot is “Bug Droid” since 2008 when the Android platform was released via the G1, the Android community has affectionately known the mascot as “Andy”.

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Currently there are three designs and four shirts. The first design is called “Assembling Andy” and takes a split apart look at what it takes to make Andy the Android mascot.  It’s available as a unisex shirt for just $20.00 here

The next design is called “Happy Andy”. It shows Andy enjoying himself at a carnival balloons and all. It’s available in a women’s style for $23.oo here and a men’s version for $20.00 here.

The final design available for the 2011 holiday season is the Ice Cream Sandwich themed shirt. With Android 4.0 “Ice Cream Sandwich” on the tip of everybody’s tongue this holiday season this shirt is sure to be a big hit. This unisex shirt is available for $20.00 here

Daniel tells us that they are diligently working on some new t-shirt designs, a sweatshirt design and some other apparel for Android lovers. While their aspirations are to get their designs into some of the top retailers, all of their shirts are available here at


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