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Holiday Gift Guide: Accessory Spotlight: Philips Fidelio Android Music Dock

Since the iPod was popular far before there was ever an iPhone or Android smartphone, iOS has clearly had the music accessory advantage. Philips has now brought us a music dock that is universally compatible with Android devices.


Having previously owned one of Philips iPod speaker systems, this is something I’d being asking about for quite some time. This dock connects with the micro plug that all current Android phones use to charge, an connects to your phone’s audio through Bluetooth. With the custom Fidelio for Android app in the Market it gives you a custom music interface to listen to your music and explore other music that is out there. It even has our favorite green robot waving to you from the support behind the dock plug.

As far as sound, you couldn’t ask for much more. It’s loud and clear coming through the speakers. It’s more than enough to fill an entire room. Also, since it connects via Bluetooth, it can use any form of music you have access to on your phone. This is nice since other services require you to use the select music services they provide.

What is great about the AS351 speaker is that it is portable or stationary. You can plug it into the wall with the AC adaptor, or you can use battery power to take it with you anywhere. With the FlexiDock plug, you can plug in any phone whether it be landscape or portrait view. It also gives you the benefit of charging a secondary USB device through a USB plug on the back, and if you want to listen to a device that doesn’t have Bluetooth you can hook up the aux in on the back.

The AS351 is available at Amazon and Best Buy at a MSRP of $129.99 and would be a great holiday gift for the Android music enthusiast in your life. You can see the full list of specs on Philips website, or just click here.

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