Handmade Androids For The Holidays

Lat year, about this time of the year, we published a list of a few good handmade Android products available for the holidays. You can find last years list here and some of those crafters may still have the same items available. Here are some more great handmade Android items for this year.

Crocheted Android Robot
This handcrafted crocheted Android robot known as Andy or Bugdroid is 4 1/2 inches tall including antenna, and 3 1/2″ wide from arm to arm. According to the artist the arms move up and down and it takes just 3-7 days to make one.

The crocheted Android robot will set you back $15.00 but it’s a great price for a handcrafted quality item.¬† To pick one up check out Christina’s Yarn Crafts Here

More great items after the break

Home Made Clay Androids

These home made clay Androids are $16.00 each and according to the artist they can be customized with whatever accessories you’d like. You can choose the heart, or the black belt or perhaps ask the artist for a custom accessory.

The artist will allow you to customize the eye color as well and warns that these clay figures are not toys. It should take about a week to make the Android and ship it to you. Also keep in mind with the holidays it may take a little longer.

Check out Kelly’s shop here


Android Wall Decal

If you love Android, and we mean love Android than this gigantic wall decal is for you. It’s perfect for your office, your game room, heck your living room if you love Android that much. It’s approximately 60 inches tall and 48 inches wide.

The wall decal will set you back $69.99

To pick one up go here


Android Baby Onesie

This Android baby onesie is handcrafted in Ireland so if you want it in time for Christmas you need to act now.

It’s a short sleeve onesie with a green Android on the front. The artist says she’ll even embroider the baby’s initials on it. It’s for babies between 0-3 months and is only $8.33 US dollars.

Again this is an Irish etsy shop so if this item is for you, get it now in time for the holidays here


Little Green Android Guy Beanie
This is a handcrafted beanie at a great price just $15.00 it’s not the same as the original Android Beanie but on the plus side it covers the ears for cold weather.

What you see is what you get and we think this is a good looking beanie.  We love our Android Beanie from androidbeanie.com but this Android Beanie may be more appropriate for some situations.

If you want one click here


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