Google Offers App Now In Android Market

If you’re a hyper local based couponer (Grouponer for those not in the know) you’ve probably been craving Google Offers. Well great news for you, the Google Offers is now live and ready in the Android Market.

With the Google Offers app you get hyper local offers, coupons, deals, whatever you want to call them. Instead of getting a barrage of emails, each with a new deal, the Google Offers app keeps all your Google Offers deal in one easy to reach place.

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The app divides itself into four key screens, a feature screen, a deal notifier screen, an archive screen and a screen for redeeming offers without printing them. With Google Offers you will be able to redeem your deals via your Android phone and in some cases participating merchants will allow you to redeem deals directly from your phone on that fourth screen.

Google launched their Google Offers program back in June in Portland Oregon.  It has been widely rumored that Google created Offers after a failed attempt to buy Groupon.  Analysts are mixed on the “daily deals” and “hyper local” deals category. Some feel that it’s over saturated while others believe that it’s great for consumers and that many people look forward to daily deals in their email. Now, you can do it on the Google Offers app.

source: Android Authority