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Google Granted New App Specific Gesture Pattern Lock Screen Patent

Google has been granted a new patent for user created pattern lock screens. The pattern lock screen for the entire phone itself has been a staple since the first Android phone, the G1, came out in October of 2008.

From the patent document found, it appears that Google is hoping to take that user created pattern lock screen and delegate it towards certain apps. One pattern may unlock the entire phone, while another one goes to the calendar (as shown in the picture).

As our friends at phonearena suggest this may leave a security risk for someone to figure out one of the users unlock patterns but not all of them, leaving the other apps data protected.

Apple won the swipe to unlock patent a few weeks back after over 5 years of “patent pending” status. We’ve noticed over the last two years that OEM’s have developed their own version of the swipe to unlock system, most likely to not be caught in the crosshairs of that patent.

Android 4.0 was released Friday alongside the Samsung Galaxy Nexus so this new pattern technology may be coming in the next version of Android, stay tuned!

source: 9to5 via Phonearena

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