Google Delivers On Promise For Veterans

Back on October 27th after we ran this story about Google donating 600 Chromebooks for wounded veterans recovering stateside, we received an email from the Googler who spearheaded that project. In that email Carrie Laureno promised even bigger news involving Google partnering with Veterans and that the news would be delivered on Veteran’s Day.

Well Google did do something big for American Veterans on Veterans day. On Friday Google launched Google for Veterans and Families.  This new Google site is a robust offering of resources and social outlets designed by Google specifically for Veterans.

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The first portion of Google for Veterans and Families is a place to archive and report a Veterans military career. Imagine after completing your service to our country, you have a complete collection of your own personal military history to share with your children and your children’s children.

In the “Record Your Military Story” Veterans are given access to a safe and secure place to save your military documents and access them from anywhere. This section gives veterans step by step instructions on how to use Google Docs to scan, save and access their important military documents.

With Relive Your Service through photos, the Google Team gives veterans step by step instructions on how to save and share photos with Picassa.

Another feature of the veterans site is the ability to map your tours and service via Google Maps. This section gives veterans step by step instructions on how to use Google Maps and create a custom map with your current tour of duty, your last tour of duty or your entire military career. This is a valuable tool for archiving your military career and teaching a veterans children geography through your military service.

YouTube and Google Voice are also explained on the site in ways that would be relevant to a veteran.  Step by step instructions on how to record and share videos are found here on this page.  While tips to use Google Voice to record voice notes, and memos using voice mail can be found on this page.

Of course, as with non military users all of these features are free. While they’re not new they definitely provide new use cases for all of Google’s products. Google has also simplified the instructions to each product to show veterans how to use their services as quickly as possible.

Other specific parts designed just for Veterans include Vetconnect, which allows veterans to connect with other veterans on Google+. Google Veterans Channel on Youtube features videos and discussions relating to military service. Google also has “tour builder” coming via Google Earth. Like the Google Maps tool veterans can chronicle their torus of duty or entire military career using Google Earths robust 3d maps and satellite imagery.

Google has also launched a job bank for Veterans returning from duty looking for jobs with their military skills. That job bank can be accessed here.

Source: Google via 9to5Google

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