Google Checkout And Google Wallet Unite As One

As odd as it may seem there are many people out there not quite familiar with Google Checkout. For those of you that aren’t “in the know” Google Checkout is Google’s online payment service, and the service, that until now, handled your Android Market transactions.

As Google Wallet deployment increases the powers that be at the first national bank of Google have decided to combine both services into one. Now you’ll be able to use the bank account and credit cards associated with your Google Checkout account with Google Wallet purchases and vice versa with your Citi “Google Wallet Ready” credit cards.

The changeover will be seemless. On the customer/user side, the next time you make a purchase with your Google Checkout account or sign into Google Checkout you will be converted over to Google Wallet.

Merchants won’t have to transition anything. According to a Google Blog post, after the holiday season Google will work with Google Checkout merchants, simply to make sure the branding is correct.

source: Phonearena  ATD